Change in Mass Schedule - Covid 19 Level 3


The government have introduced a forward Resilience and National Recovery Plan to respond to the increasing numbers  of  Covid 19 virus. Dublin city and county have been moved up to level 3 of the government’s plan. This has consequences for businesses and the hospitality industry as well as affecting our worship in church, beginning at midnight Friday 18th. Sept 2020 for a three-week period.

Sadly, that means that places of worship will remain closed from midnight 18/9/2020, except for:

·  Private prayer, weddings, and funerals. 

·  Attendance at wedding liturgies and funerals are limited to 25.    

·  Religious services can be transmitted online with no public presence.Effectively this places Churches in the position they were before the reopening earlier this Summer, or as the situation was in counties Kildare, Offaly and Laois early this month.

Today, we find ourselves in that situation once again and we are called to make painful sacrifice for the common good. 

  In a letter to all the faithful Pope Francis stresses that

“Aware that God never abandons the humanity He has created, and that even in the hardest trials can bear fruits of grace, we [should accept] our distance from the Lord’s altar as a time of Eucharistic fasting, useful for us to rediscover its vital importance, beauty and immeasurable preciousness”.

I appeal to all to enter into this difficult period with that spirit.  We must pray that we can soon return to the Eucharist “with a purified heart, with a renewed amazement, with an increased desire to meet the Lord, to be with him, to receive him and to bring him to our brothers and sisters with a life full of faith, love and hope.”


·  Attending Sunday Mass is presently not obligatory during this Pandemic. One can attend Mass online on any day of the week and this fulfils the Sunday obligation.

·  Booking a place at Mass is suspended until further notice.

Mass will continue to be shown on the webcam every day at Parish Webcam

Masses will be celebrated on the webcam at 6pm on Saturday evening and 10am on Sunday morning and at 10am Monday to Friday.

· Mass for your intentions (anniversaries, illness etc.) may be booked as usual, by emailing: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Let us pray for each other to live in safety with God’s protection as we continue to cope with Covid 19.


Fr. Paul